“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step -Lao Tzu

Life in itself an ongoing story, who we are, where we come from, whom we meet and what life aspires us to be. Hence a great Design is fine story telling, and we empower ourselves with extensive research, so that the narrative leads our creative process.

At DZ, we believe that Stories are powerful and a design is a powerful story.

DZ design is an interior design consultancy Head quartered in Dubai with offices in Bangalore, India. We offer interior design expertise covering a range of projects concentrating on the F&B, Hospitality, Commercial, Retail, Residential & Healthcare sectors with an eye to the passage of evolving design trends and ideas.


Our Design Philosophy

Each of our project begins with detailed research and study. This is driven by experienced professionals who incorporate a high level of creativity while being well managed and professional. Each Owner brings with them a strong set of principles and we use these as tools to realize their vision. The narrative thus developed defines the concept leading to a successful project.


Our Vision

A site is not just a site. It is an opportunity to tell a story, realize an idea, take the owner through a journey. Every site is thoroughly looked at, and designed in order to create a truly unique experience. This process evokes passion for our project. Our vision is to create truly incredible spaces that tell their story, a story of how relevant it is in its time, to the location and to its history.


Our Values

We have, over the years, built a skill that ensures that we help businesses work architecturally from inside out. We understand how form flows with the function and how to add value to the idea. With this clarity and understanding, We make our clients business successful and our designs stand the test of time.We immerse ourselves in location, tradition,culture and history.


All our creations are inspired by Nature, Life, Art and People. What started as a concept in design is always derived from these elements. We use them as tools to explain our design and evoke emotions from our clients. We see that their venture is their best realized dream.

We Can and We Will

A good design is about creating great experiences. An opportunity to narrate a good story. We like our designs to be woven out of these stories, hence it makes each project unique, endearing and successful.From private clients, to well known brands,we have earned a reputation of development and collaboration for desired results.


Let’s Hear you!

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